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Laws (and Costs) for Labour, the Environment (and Harmony)

China Law Blog [1] is on top of things as usual. It points to useful updates on the very topical labour and environmental laws.

Environmental Law [2]
The environment in China has become a key policy focus [3], and presents real challenges. China Daily reports on legal developments:

A list of environmental laws can be seen in the article, via the link below. As ever, it is enforcement that holds the key…at least, as reported recentlyhttp://www.chinabusinessservices.com/?p=635, The State Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) is being upgraded into a Ministry – the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Hopefully they will also get more (much needed) resources.

Labour Law [4]
The launch of the labour law was noted in an earlier post [5]. An article from the Washington Post gives an update on its impact:

Next up is likely to be the food safety law, a draft of which has already been produced.

The introduction of new laws and regulations such as these will raise the costs of doing business, and of the “China Price [6]”. Of course there are good reasons for this, and it is all part of China’s grand development plan (and of the drive towards a “harmonious society”). But businesses that rely on low cost production will increasingly have to look to new areas, such as those in central and western China (or even further afield [7]), where costs can be significantly lower than in the developed southern and eastern provinces.

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