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Little Email. Big PR Crisis

I saw an interesting article from Imagethief [1] (who blogs about public relations in China. This post, “Monday PR blog: Vicious foreign bosses and the perils of e-mail [2]”, highlights the need for cultural sensitivity (or perhaps just politeness) in the workplace. It also shows how a (foreign) company can suddenly suffer from a local backlash if it is seen as arrogant or exploitative.

The story revolves around an angry email, sent by a (Singaporean) boss to his secretary (and several colleagues). The email ended up in general circulation, in news groups, and…in blogs. Imagethief notes:

He goes on to note that:

The manager who sent the email (and was “retired”), should have kept up with his reading, and taken a look at “One Billion Customers [3]“, written by another PR man, James McGregor. Among the many worthy suggestions he makes is the following:

All good advice, especially given the recent talk of “malicious” foreign investors, which I posted about here (“Malicious Foreign Investors” Could Use Some PR…and a Beer [4]).

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