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“Made in China” Message Gets a Spin

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“Made in China” may be three of the most used words in the world, but the meaning has changed over time. It no longer indicates questionable quality, and is as likely to appear on technology as on textiles.

But some feel the need to make sure we consumers understand that some things are more equally made than others. Inigo (age 14 months) was the lucky recipient of a teddy bear from the famous German toy firm Steiff. Dad, knowing where 75 percent of the world’s toys are made, took a look at the label:

    ”Made in China”…as might be expected, but…”under quality control of Steiff Germany”.

If the thing falls apart, it will be reported here first!.

It seems we are not the only people looking at the “Made in China” tag. Over at the Asia Business Intelligence Blog (ABI), they have another story. This time it is about a “Not Made in China” tag. A company in Gibraltar has applied for this wording as a trademark in the EU. We agree with ABI that it is very cheeky – as well as outdated and off the mark (if you’ll forgive the pun).

(Updated 3/3/06)

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  1. Jeremy Gordon Says:

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    China has indeed evolved from the time the country first opened its doors to foreign investors. The China manfacturing industry is something that Chinese people should be proud of because it helped China in defining its economic ability and possibilities as a manufacturing hub and now as a R&D center. In the coming years, I believe that China would be able to prove to the world that they are more than a “cheap” alternative for firms.

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