May Day Holiday Looming

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Chinese New Year does not seem very long ago (not to mention Easter), but now the May Day “golden week” holiday is already upon us. Prepare for many Chinese businesses to be on holiday from Tuesday 1st (or even Monday 30th), through until Monday 7th May.

The China Travel Industry Blog has previously reported on the potential end to the “golden week” holidays (a move that would be a relief to many), but it seems that the system will be with us for a while longer. The blog refers to a China Daily article:

    “A record 150 million people are expected to travel during the 20th Golden Week (May 1-7)….A government official said that despite the huge flow of people during the Golden Weeks and the problems that causes, the holiday system would remain for at least the next few years, because “there is still a lot of potential to be explored”. Wang Kecheng of the National Bureau of Statistics, said: “The system has contributed a lot to boosting domestic consumption and demand, which makes its existence necessary.”

With the economy running hotter that is comfortable, perhaps an early review will be called.

China Business Services London office will be open for business as usual throughout the holiday.

See news source:

    Golden Weeks to continue
    By Xin Dingding (China Daily)

    Note: Roy Graff of the China Travel Industry Blog is on the Advisory Board of China Business Services

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