News Selection Q2, 2005

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News links from the past quarter that caught our eye are listed below, inclduing the introduction of a unified corporate tax system from 2007; continued, rapid economic growth; foreign investment growth at 2.2% in Q1; a big jump in trademark prosecutions; pay differences between western and Japanese firms in China; and the problem of China’s US$100 billion in overdue receivables. Read on…

China to introduce unified corporate income tax rate from 2007
30-May-2005 AFX via Forbes

Chinese economy: stability first
25-May-2005 China Economic Net

China Drew 2.2% More Foreign Investment in 4 Months
12-May-2005 Bloomberg

Multinationals Eye China’s West
24-Apr-2005 People’s Daily via CRI

China prosecutes 40,000 trademark infringing cases in 2004
12-Apr-2005 Xinhua

Western firms pay more
11-Apr-2005 The Standard

China burdened with US$100 billion overdue accounts receivable
31/3/2005 People’s Daily

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