Oh Rio…

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The Rio case (see earlier post here) has continued to generate headlines as it manages to encapsulate several good news themes – China’s economic growth (and need for raw materials), its impact on trade (and need for raw materials), its continued investments overseas (and need for raw materials), its lack of transparency in legal (or state secret) affairs, international relations (Stern Hu, one of the detained executives, is an Australian citizen), a possible dose of double standards (in relation to a corruption scandal in Namibia), trade and investment protectionism (which may be a cause and a result), and business impact (the swing to Brazil as a supply source has been dramatic) and risk (which many western firms are re-evaluating).

The latest news is below:

Rio & CSR RT @fonstuinstra: Stern Hu and the unpleasant truth about Rio Tinto – Crikey.com http://su.pr/ABJwA61 2:51 PM Jul 24th from TweetDeck

From Rio to Brazil – Reuters: China-Brazil ore trade surges as Australia sales fall http://bit.ly/J3l2Y 11:34 AM Jul 23rd from TweetDeck

Rio RT @GE_Anderson: Good insight on the China – Rio Tinto conundrum. http://is.gd/1EkLb 6:07 PM Jul 19th from TweetDeck

Not rio, but interesting RT @TweetChina: Graft Inquiry in Namibia Finds Clues in China http://digg.com/u19BGr – NY Times 6:49 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

(With apologies to Duran Duran for the title)

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