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Guanxi” is a special sort of relationship, that reaches the parts other mere “connections” cannot. However, regular connections can be pretty useful too, especially when they come nicely packaged in a chain, via people you know (and with whom you may have some guanxi).

There are any number of online networks that help people access other people, companies, and information in far-flung places. I am a big fan of LinkedIn, but also use a number of other networks, some of which have different footprints – such as Viadeo in Europe and, via Tianji, in China (where We@Link is also a contender).

The Viadeo-Tianji link-up (via the Euro China Link) was promoted, with the aid of a round-table discussion and…a real-world networking reception, in London last week. In the first instance the new service will allow foreign users to get their messages in front of relevant (English-speaking) Chinese users via a combination of clever analysis and code. Eventually it is hoped that the two communities (each with around a million people at the moment) will be able to link even more effectively.

For more online network reading…Kaiser Kuo’s new Ogilvy China Digital Watch blog just did a piece on the business case for (all sorts of) online networks in China, while the Engaging China blog ran a story on the Viadeo/Tianji link.

Are you connected in the online world?

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