Our Services

China Business Services provides comprehensive advisory and project management services for a wide range of client requirements.

As we build and manage our teams to meet the demands of each project, we are able to deliver integrated solutions across a wide range of issues.

Our clients gain significant benefits from our innovative structure – which provides a flexible, extended team – and from our experience of managing complex projects.

Benefits provided by China Business Services include efficient identification of the best specialist resources for individual projects, management of multiple resources to ensure competitive costs with on-budget and on-time results, independent analysis based on extensive experience and an understanding of China business issues.

Services can be tailored to the needs of individual projects, and include:

    • Asset Investigations & Recovery

    • Due Diligence & Credit Checks

    • Executive Search & HR Consulting

    • Investigations & Risk Management

    • Legal & Accounting Services

    • Market Research & Analysis

    • Market Entry & Development

    • Partner Identification & M&A

    • PR & Government Communications

    • Sourcing & Trade Services

    • Strategic Planning

Please follow the links on this page, or contact us for more detail about these services.

Chinese clients seeking expansion opportunities overseas can also benefit from our extensive network of associated business resources around the world, including in Europe, the Middle East, India and the US. Please contact us for details.

“I have no hesitation in giving [China Business Services] an unqualified and strong recommendation”. (AA, Managing Director, UK, 8/04)

For up-to-date information and analysis on China business issues visit our China Business Blog which can be accessed via the Weblog section of this site. The site has been described by a former Hong Kong diplomat as “truly comprehensive, professional, and user-friendly…a remarkable achievement”, and as a “Mother-of-China-Blogs!” by BlogAsia. Please visit the Blog for more details, or subscribe to the rss feed.