Executive Search & Staff Screening

Staff selection, and retention are critical issues for companies operating in China, and our services can assist in finding and screening qualified candidates who can bring long-term value to our clients.

We do not use a \”one size fits all\” approach, but tailor our service to meet individual needs by working with a number of experienced local and international executive search firms in different market niches, and in different parts of China.

Our expert executive search resources operate at all levels of the market, for locals and expatriates, including:

  • Senior management

  • Middle management
  • Junior executives
  • Other positions

These services can be used to supply both interim and long-term management positions.

We support the search and selection process with additional risk management tools to ensure that clients benefit from objective and thorough candidate evaluation and screening. These tools include:

  • Background checks

  • Psychometric testing

Please email us for further information about our services.

Executive Search Case Study: A UK corporate was seeking a senior sales manager in Hong Kong with specific experience in the IT and hospitality sectors. China Business Services was retained to identify the most appropriate executive search firm for the job, and to negotiate terms. China Business Services conducted research and provided recommendations on the use of service providers, including options for retained and contingency searches. The client worked with the recommended provider, and successfully appointed one of the candidate.