SME Support Services

China Business Services\’ innovative support services, designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, allow clients to access a wealth of information and advice that is normally associated with expensive, well-staffed local offices and multi-national companies.

  • ChinaTRADE: From supplier identification and reference pricing, to factory audits,negotiation and full trade management services, we can provide your team with flexible resources-and save on costs.

  • ChinaBOARD: Consider the advantages of having a part-time Advisory Board member to give objective, informed advice about doing business in China. We can provide experienced advisors.
  • ChinaLINE: A help-line that provides your team with an information advantage, and allows them to focus on core business issues. Our local researchers can provide rapid responses to questions.

See details of these services below.

  • ChinaTRADE has been designed to support companies in setting up and managing trade relationships in China.

    Services from our local experts include:

    • Reference Pricing & Monitoring
    • Supplier Identification & Sourcing
    • Credit Checks & Due Diligence
    • Factory Audits
    • Inspection Services
    • Negotiation Support
    • Logistics Services
    • Trade Management Services

    We can provide your team with flexible resources – and save on costs. Fees vary according to requirements, but are competitive, and are linked to successful completion.

    ChinaBOARD is a service designed for businesses that need objective advice on their China plans at a senior level.

    • The support companies need to avoid the common pitfalls of doing business in China, and to take full advantage of the opportunities.
    • Expertise on call. Whether the requirement is for a part-time advisory board member to review corporate plans, or for a retained local technical expert, we can source the required help.