Sourcing & Trade

China has a large, and increasingly sophisticated, export-focused manufacturing base. China Business Services is able to assist in identifying suppliers and customers, based on stated criteria.

Additional services include:

  • Background checks

  • Trade and banking references
  • Negotiation support
  • On-going liaison and relationship management
  • Quality control
  • Pre-shipment inspections
  • Logistics support

Case Study & Reference
Procter Bros Ltd. has 3 divisions with requirements to source more cost-effective products and materials. China Business Services provided supplier due diligence, pre-shipment inspection of goods, and management of the Managing Director\’s first ever trip to the Far East – using Chloe Ding to arrange appointments, travel and accommodation, and to accompany him throughout the China leg of his visit as an interpreter.

\”As a first time visitor to the Far East; I was apprehensive as to how things would work out. Ms. Ding?s excellent organisation, interpreting and customer rapport meant that my first visit fully achieved it\’s business objectives and was in fact a real pleasure. Ms Ding also gave me an insight into the geography and regional differences in China, which helped give depth to my appreciation of the country.\”

\”I have no hesitation in recommending China Business Services and Ms. Ding to any prospective business visitor to China.\”

Jeremy Procter, Managing Director, Procter Bros Ltd.
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