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China Business Services has experienced advisory, project management and client liaison resources available in Beijing, Shanghai and London.

International Contacts:

Jeremy Gordon, Director & Founder, London:
Jeremy has 10 years’ experience of trade, investment and strategy issues in China. He served as an officer with Britain’s Brigade of Gurkhas in Hong Kong, and was formerly Chief Operating Officer of a leading Hong Kong consultancy. He has advised some of the top foreign investors in China.

Roy Graff, Director, London
Roy Graff is an experienced market entry specialist for China’s tourism events and exhibition sectors. He was China e-commerce director and senior business development manager at a major online travel business from 2002-2005, and is currently based in London.

China Contacts & Advisory Board:

Xan Moody-Stuart, Advisory Board, Beijing:
Xan acts as a financial advisor and director for several China-based companies. Previously he was a Senior Manager for tax and corporate finance at a major consulting company in Beijing.

Erik Felten, Advisory Board, Beijing:
Erik has extensive experience in fund management, venture capital and hedge fund operations, and work as a strategy consultant for major clients in Beijing.

David Keir, Advisory Board, Shanghai:
David has 10 years experience in structuring and executing direct investment transactions in China. Previously, he worked in the Australian Commonwealth Treasury, and has prepared economic forecasts for the Economist Intelligence Unit and BIS Shrapnel. David is a Chartered Financial Analyst, and holds a Bachelor of Economics (Honours)and a BA from the University of Queensland.

Michael Wadley, Advisory Board, Shanghai:
Michael is a lawyer and the China managing director of a corporate business advisory service in Shanghai-and several other consultancies including a specialized China mining industry business. He was previously Chief Representative of an Australian national law firm’s China office for several years in Shanghai following 20 years of successful corporate practice and corporate activity in Australia.

Anthony Robinson, Advisory Board, Shanghai:
Anthony Robinson is a business development expert with over ten years’ experience in Asia and North America. Anthony has been involved with some of Asia’s most influential consulting companies, and provides consultancy and support services in Shanghai.

Jeremy Tang, Advisory Board, Hong Kong
Jeremy started his career with Hong Kong entrepreneur Sir David Tang, later becoming a management consultant and then business development head of a major Hong Kong-based retail group. He provides strategy and support services in Hong Kong.

Jozef Van Beeck, Advisory Board, Singapore:
Jozef has more than 10 years’ experence of international trade, having managed trading business in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China. He is a sinologist with a masters degree in Oriental studies and economics, and also has a postgraduate certificate in business administration. He is fluent in Mandarin, English, French and Flemish.

These resources have managed projects for some of the leading international companies in China. Please follow the links on this page, or contact us, for more information.

China Business Services is highly recommended: “I have worked with Jeremy for some 3 years. Fully dependable, I have always found his advice sound and objective. His and China Business Services’ (CBS) expertise in relation to China is of very high quality. I have no hesitation in giving Jeremy and CBS an unqualified and strong recommendation.” (MD, client company)

(Updated April 6, 2010)

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