Overseas Investments Up 123 Percent

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China’s overseas investment climbed by 123 percent last year, on the back of increased M&A activity by Chinese companies, according to a report. The total figure was US$12.3 billion. According to figures from China Daily and Ministry of Commerce, total Chinese investments abroad were US$57.2 billion at the end of last year.

The top investment destinations were:

    • Hong Kong
    • The United States
    • Japan
    • Russia

Manufacturing businesses represented over half the total, and top sectors included

    • Textiles
    • Shoes
    • Computers
    • Machinery
    • Pharmaceuticals

So the “go global” policy continues to go, and the steps are getting bigger. It is all part of the move to get more international, reduce reliance on low-end exports…and spend some of those dollars!

China’s investment abroad rose by 123% last year
Malaysia Star – Malaysia
BEIJING (AP) – China’s investment in foreign countries soared by 123 percent last year to US$12.3 billion (euro9.6 billion), driven by a surge in mergers and …

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