Patented in China

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It used to be “Made in China”. Now it is as likely to be “Patented in China”…

Already the fourth largest economy, the FT reports that mainland China is now “the fourth largest source of [patent] filings”, after Japan, the US and South Korea – and ahead of Germany – according to a new report by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO, a UN agency):

    “in its first comprehensive report on patent activity, published on Monday, the World Intellectual Property Organisation found China had a sevenfold increase in patent filings in 10 years.”

Interestingly, half of the patents filed in China in 2004 were from foreign companies, which reflects the high impact of foreign investment in China, as well as the trend to move R&D facilities there.

As I have noted before, it is this move up the value chain at home, more than pressure from abroad, that is likely to drive improvements in China’s intellectual property rights protection.

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