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One of our readers has been kind enought to blog a very positive comment on our very own China Business Blog. Thanks to BLOGasia for the endorsement. See the entry below:

Serendipity. Posted on: November 10th, 2005

From serendipity n-dp. The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident. The fact or occurrence of such discoveries. An instance of making such a discovery.

15mins ago was one such occurence! I really found a Mother-of-China-Blogs! It is by China Business Services, and they are : “an independent, research-driven consultancy that uses specialist resources to deliver integrated business solutions to companies in China.”

It does a consolidation of business news from various sources regarding China, and has some really good links. Ive only had time to clicked on a few .. really quality links! Not just some link-for-googlejuice-links ..

Some good I Like::

China Blog List (CBL) ::
a collection of links to English language weblogs focused on China. Many of them are written by foreigners in China (expats), although a few are written by Chinese people or by non-Chinese outside of China. The CBL plays an important role in providing the rest of the world with alternate views of China.

Shanghai Daily.COM ::
apparently it seemed like the States Newspaper

ChinaBiz ::
China Business Infocentre

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