PRI’s “The World” On China’s Coal Habit

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Coal may be cheap, but the associated costs in terms of the environment, and to human life, are high (we recently did some research into mine safety, and it was a sobering, depressing piece of work). We are therefore keen to recommend this PRI series, “China’s coal habit”, to you, as a reminder of what lies beneath the more upbeat headlines on China’s economic miracle.

1. The cost of coal
“China’s industrial growth is powered by coal but the mining and burning of coal is causing health problems across the nation…”

2. The search for cleaner coal
“Burning coal causes huge problems in China and a large part of the world’s greenhouse pollution. But it’s likely to remain the country’s main energy source for decades…”

3. Looking to renewable energy
“In part three of her series on China’s coal habit, The World’s Mary Kay Magistad reports on the country’s efforts to slowly wean itself off coal with big investments in renewable energy sources like solar and wind…”

4. Stuck with coal for now
“In the final part of her series, Mary Kay reports on why China is likely to remain dependent on dirty coal for decades to come, despite the billions it’s pouring into alternatives…”

The full series can be found here.

The human face of coal in China
Young coal worker in Linfen (Shanxi, China)
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Dirty business RT @newschina: The cost of coal in China | PRI’s The World: Part 1 of 4, excellent piece…

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