Business in China: Risks and Opportunities

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Risk in China needs more attention, and a more strategic response. This was a key message from “Risky Business in China” author (and China Business Services director) Jeremy Gordon, in a recent talk at London’s Chatham House:

“Current sentiment is that business risk is as high as it has ever been” (Risky Business in China).

“Why is there so much negativity? What can businesses do about it? My view is that rapid and fundamental changes to China’s political, economic and social environment have changed the nature of opportunities and risks for international business in China. There are certainly opportunities…But for many established players, it is the risks that grab the attention.

It is not all bad news – nothing in China is ever black and white – but the risks need to be managed. Businesses need to understand and adapt to the new reality of doing business in China – grasp the opportunities, but avoid getting burnt!”

For the full talk see the SlideShare and podcast links below.

The presentation can be seen here, alongside the audio here (and below).

SlideShare Presentation

Business in China: Risks and Opportunities (Chatham House talk) from Jeremy Gordon

Podcast of the full talk

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