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“Risky Business in China”

China risk is getting more attention these days, as foreign firms get caught up in bribery, food and work safety scandals, accounting frauds, as well as anti-trust investigations and, in some cases, government (and state-owned enterprise) procurement bans and the arrest of senior foreign executives. Businesses are having to re-evaluate their China risk exposure, and adjust their strategies.

Jeremy Gordon, Director of China Business Services, who has over 20 years’ experience in the market, has written a series of posts on managing risk in China, based on his forthcoming book “Risky Business in China”. The posts can be seen on LinkedIn:

China Risk & The New Reality
“Things can move quickly in China, and yesterday’s opportunity can become today’s risk. One of the (sometime fast) drivers of China business risk is government, with policy and regulation occasionally crashing into the best laid business plans…” (see full post [1]).

For China Risk, Size Matters
“The global financial crisis changed everything. Almost overnight strategic planning turned to risk management, and business development looked to China. China, which was relatively unscathed, became a focus for sales growth. But with higher levels of risk awareness, and with less money to spend, a lot of people were nervous about addressing the opportunity. The risks were (and are) as much about internal and corporate issues as they are about China market ones. They are also a reflection of China’s size…” (see full post here [2]).

China’s Rise (In Risk & Cost)
“China has always been a challenging place to do business, but it is now also an expensive one. Costs are increasing across the board, from raw materials and minimum wages to services and office space…and compliance. The competition for qualified management and staff has also intensified, and rising costs are a top concern for international businesses operating in, and buying from, China…” (see full post here [3]).

Risks With “Chinese Characteristics”
“As with the “socialist market economy”, some China risks come with “Chinese characteristics”. They range from cultural traditions to corporate structures…and the role of government and the rule of law. Adapting to these characteristics is essential for success in China…” (see full post here [4])

Avoid Repetitive China Risks
“Some China risks keep repeating themselves – but still manage to surprise people. I reviewed the history of a number of cases as part of the research for my forthcoming book, “Risky Business In China”, and found that there are typically red warning flags, and burnt-out wrecks on the road to the risk event, but that they are usually ignored as all eyes are fixed on the prize (deal / bonus / promotion / glory / retention of job etc.)…” (see full post here [5]).

“Risky Business in China” is published by Palgrave [6] in September 2014, and can be pre-ordered from Amazon here [7].

Updates in China risk issues can be found on Twitter (@RiskyBizChina [8]), Google+ [9] and on the Risky Business in China LinkedIn Group [10]:

See Jeremy Gordon interviewed about China risk and due diligence at China Daily in London:

The interview is in 5 parts, and can be seen in full here [11].

Praise for Risky Business in China:

“At the heart of this book lies the contradiction between the reality that investing and operating in China is a risky business but that China is simply too big to ignore. Any business person would do well to read this excellent brief on the perils of dealing with China’s vast and endlessly fascinating business landscape.”
Tim Clissold, author, Mr. China

“Jeremy Gordon has written an accessible manual on how to assess risk and due diligence in China. A must-have guide for the world’s potentially largest market.”
Linda Yueh
Author of China’s Growth: The Making of an Economic Superpower
Fellow in Economics, St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford
Adjunct Professor of Economics, London Business School

“China, long the most attractive market on earth, has also been regarded as the riskiest…Risky Business in China provides a vivid portrayal of the multifold, manifest China risks but also provides a road-map for navigating them. This is a must-read for all those involved, or aspiring to be involved, in China business.”
Bill Fischer
Professor at IMD
Former President and Dean of the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)

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