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Conference: Seizing the China Challenge

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Note: The conference listed below has been postponed to October 24-25, 2006.

Seizing the China Challenge: June 20th & 21st, Central London – Plus Two Exclusive Workshops on June 22nd, 2006

The UK now invests more in China than any other EU country, and is China’s third largest trading partner within the EU. In 2005 China’s economy overtook that of the UK to become the worlds 4th largest economy. It is predicted that by 2040 the Chinese economy will be the foremost in the world.

With China’s accession to the WTO in 2001, more and more companies have been viewing China as an opportunity and not a threat, and have been looking at ways of taking advantage of these opportunities. Foreign firms now invest over $1 billion a week in China. Indeed, “it is said that no chief executive can face shareholders now without a China plan”.

This conference will present an overview on how to enter the Chinese market, and will look at what opportunities exist, as well as investigating the possible pitfalls and threats, and will provide information on how to overcome these.

With case studies from companies who are already doing business in China, the conference will offer practical insights and suggestions, as well as presenting a strategic viewpoint, to help plan how best to “Seize theChina Challenge”.

Hear from leading industry experts including: Shi Jianxin, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China; Andrew Halper, Eversheds; Dr. Kenang Wu, ChinaLink; Jeremy Butler, KPMG; Andrew Carpenter, O’Melveny & Myers; Joanna Lavan, Connect China; Lawrence Yipp, Hong Kong Trade Development Council; Peter Batey, Vermillion Partners; Yintong Betser, Active UK China. Conference chaired by Stephen Perry, The 48 Group Club. (Subject to final confirmation). Jeremy Gordon, Chief Executive of China Business Services, will lead a roundtable discussion on risk issues at the event.

ACI, a UK-owned company, have been running successful conferences for the last 8 years in the USA. Headquartered in Chicago with offices all around the States, they run forums in varied fields and are market leaders in Healthcare business conferences. Opening their European head office at the end of 2005, they have expanded rapidly and are launching a series of events from emerging markets to the maritime industry.
Please see ACI’s website for further details.

Note that a 20 percent discount on the conference fee is available, on request, to readers of the China Business Blog.

(Updated 5 June, 2006)

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