Seasons’ Greetings (& Good Tidings)!

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Happy holidays, once again, to all our readers.

We continue our festive tradition of sending no Christmas cards (except via email – let us know if you lack one by the end of the week!), and of supporting children’s charities in China.

The Peach Foundation:
“To help children from the poorest parts of China with an opportunity to complete a college education. To help break the vicious cycle of poverty and to raise the educational standard of the regions in which the children live.”

Mothers’ Bridge of Love (MBL*): “Reaching out to Chinese children in all corners of the world: those who have been raised abroad, those who have been adopted by Western families, and those living in China, often in destitute conditions”.

This year we are especially pleased to report that one of the disadvantaged girls from rural Yunnan who we have sponsored through school (via the Peach Foundation), has been accepted to university (where we will continue to support her). Her words (translated below) provided us with all the festive cheer we need:

“At this moment, I am feeling so moved and it’s something beyond words. No words can express my deep gratitude…Do you know that even today I cannot believe that I am now a university student!

…From now on, no matter what difficulties and setbacks take place, I will convert my gratitude into the force driving me forward, facing up to the hard times of life and the pressure of study.

… on the day I received the acceptance letter from the university, my eyes were filled with tears, and my heart beat so fast. I was so excited. Previously I could only dream and envy those university students, but now I am one of them and at the moment I stepped into the university, I had an unprecedented feeling of happiness.”

Share the happiness, with best wishes from us.

*Jeremy Gordon, Director of China Business Services, is a Trustee of MBL

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