Seminar: Alternatives to China

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The Asia Pacific Technology Network (APTN) is holding an event in London on 3 July, at which I will be speaking. Please see the details from the APTN website below:

Alternatives to China: the case for other locations in Asia

    Conventional wisdom tells executives that their companies should have a “China + One” strategy, but this raises as many questions as answers. For one thing, China is not one coherent economic space, so should a company develop a national strategy, or should it focus on a number of leading cities or, perhaps, a limited number of provinces? Moving beyond China, should Vietnam be treated as just one more Chinese region? Beyond that, how should one treat Japan, still the largest and richest economy in the region? What about high-tech power houses such as South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore? What about the other players in ASEAN? …. and then, there is India.


    Peter Bacon, Chief Executive, Electronics Link Asia
    – The Case for investing in Japan

    Martyn Skinner, former trade adviser on Vietnam, UK Trade and Investment
    – The case for South East Asia

    Bill Reed, Managing Consultant, East Asia Business
    – Can you forget about Korea?

    Arif Zaman, Adviser, South Asia, Adviser, Corporate Governance, Commonwealth Business Council
    – South Asia

    Jeremy Gordon, Chief Executive, China Business Services
    – Concluding comments from a Chinese perspective

Do join us if you can, it should be an interesting debate. Registration is via this link.

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