Statistical Oversight

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“Lies, damn, lies and statistics” fill the news pages in relation to China, as I have commented before (see “Chinese Statistics. Go Figure!”). Now the Financial Express reports:

    “China’s annual economic growth rates issued by the NBS [National Bureau of Statistics] have always been lower than those calculated by the local governments of the 31 provincial areas of the Chinese mainland. In the first half of this year, the NBS reported an economic growth rate of 10.9% for China.”

As a result of this problem, there is to be a new department at the NBS that will be devoted to unraveling statistical ‘innovation’ by the provinces.

Will it help? Will it hell! But at least the issue is in the open.

See news source:

    China to curb false statistics
    Financial Express – Bombay,India
    BEIJING, AUG 18: China has acknowledged that some of the impressive statistics put out by provincial governments are fudged and has set up a special department …

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