Support for Mothers’ Bridge of Love at the Edinburgh Marathon

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As a trustee of the charity, it is my pleasure to promote the work of Mothers’ Bridge of Love, and to introduce a current fundraising initiative. The generous support of our dear readers (i.e. you) would be much appreciated by the children, and the dedicated supporters who are running on their behalf! The following is from Wendy Wu, Executive Director:

    Mothers’ Bridge of Love (MBL) Participation in the Edinburgh Marathon 2007

    I am writing to draw your attention to support MBL’s participating in Edinburgh Marathon 2007 which takes place on Sunday 27th of May.

    MBL is founded in 2004 by world renowned writer Xinran who wrote Good Woman of China, Sky Burial, and What Chinese Don’t Eat. The Charity’s mission is Culture for Children. As we strongly believe the key way to tackle Children poverty is to break through the barriers to access education, cultures beyond the medical care in the long term.

    MBL has registered as an affiliated member in Edinburgh Marathon event 2007. The principle purpose of this event is to raise funds and awareness to support Chinese Orphans, Chinese Disabled Children and Chinese Children in the rural area who couldn’t access education and cultures and fundamentally being a healthy and happy child. The funds will be used in the following three categories:

     Medical care for disabled children in Chinese orphanages
     Setting up libraries for children orphanages in the poor and rural areas in China
     Developing life and living skills for children in the orphanages i.e. support in language study, and accessing cultural activities

    The runner team is comprised of Ms Mei Wang, Mr. James Barrie, Ms Xiang Fang, Ms Lucia Siu, Ms Rebecca Hanlin, and Mr. Andrew Ross. And the team is led by Ms Mei Wang, a PhD researcher in Edinburgh University. The team is taking great challenges ahead with their support and love towards our Chinese abandoned children and children who are in need of great help.

    One Pound One Book – Ten Pounds One Year’s Tuition Fee – One Hundred Pounds One Library – For Our Children

    For further information about MBL, please go to our website:

    For how to donate online please go to our Justgiving page:

    I have also attached runners’ mini profile for your information. Please feel free to circulate in your communication circle. Reach your hands to support us, support our runner and support our children!

    Your support is highly appreciated by Chinese Children!!

    Yours Sincerely,

    Wendy Wu, Executive Director

    Runners Mini Profile
    – Ms Mei Wang ,(Running Team Captain)moving from China 6 years ago, being a PhD student in Research Centre for Social Science, she is also a freelance painter in Edinburgh . Although running a long distance for the first time, ” she sees it as a great opportunity to drag herself out of her comfort zone.”
    – James Barrie is currently working in the finance industry with Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and ” looking for a fresh challenge to shift some cobwebs from sitting behind a desk all day and to also make a few friends along the way.” Apart from running the Edinburgh 10K race two years ago he is an amateur at this. He is keen to build up the distances ran so that he might even attempt full marathon on his own some day.
    – Lucia Siu is a former Hong Kong journalist who now studies in Sociology department at the University of Edinburgh. She is also an amateur runner who has done 10K races on Glasgow’s Kingston Bridge, Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, and inside Hong Kong’s cross-harbor tunnel. “Her resolution for 2007 is to run on the beautiful Edinburgh coastline, try $B!! (B the fun of a relay team, and get connected with a wider Sino-British community.”
    – Ms Rebecca Hanlin returned to running as a way to do something active while working in 2001. Becky runs ‘because she enjoys it’ joining friends as they trained for marathons and half marathons in Africa, London and Edinburgh but until recently never competitively run. Becky has run one 10km in Nairobi and earlier this year completed the Edinburgh Forthside Half Marathon. Becky is a PhD student and research assistant at the University of Edinburgh.
    – Ms Xiang Fang is a PhD student in University of Edinburgh. She is a beginner of marathon. “She joins this sport to challenge herself and try her best to help people through this charity event.”
    – Mr. Andrew Ross is working in semi-conductor industry with a multinational organization. With only one previous experience of distance running; Der Toter Man race, Freiburg, “he will use this run to try and rediscover his stamina to last the race. He is looking forward to meeting new people, having a laugh along the way.” – Sharing Chinese Culture Helping Chinese Children

    The Mothers’ Bridge of Love, Charity Registration No. 1105543.
    Head Office / MBL. 9 Orme Court. London W2 4RL. U.K.
    T 0044 20 7034 0686 / F 0044 20 7792 0879

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