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Targets for the 11th (and Misses for the 10th) Five Year Plan

The China Daily reported on comments by Minister Ma Kai and vice minister Zhu Zhixin of China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) about the 11th Five-Year plan. Key issues were:

It was also noted that that China’s per capita GDP would pass US$2,400 in 2010; average urban per capita disposable income would increase from 2005’s RMB10,493 (US$1,295) to RMB13,390 (US$1,653); and rural per capita net income would rise from RMB3,255 (US$402) to RMB4,110 (US$507).

The plan aims to create 45 million urban jobs, and the same number of farmers being trained up to do industrial work. There is also a hope that the quality of people’s lives will improve, and that the rural-urban wealth gap will be narrowed. Measure will include improvement to the healthcare system 9to cover 80 percent of the rural population), education, transportation and public services, as well as the environment.

While many are focused on these new targets, those nice people at Access Asia have turned their research skills to the misses of the last plan…

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