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The Environmental Takes Another Hit

Another environmental disaster has hit China, this time on the Yuexi river in Sichuan, with 28,000 people in the town of Guanyin being cut of from water supplies for at least 4 days.

Following lat year’s high profile benzene leak on the Songhua River in Northeast China, and amid growing public pressure, there has been renewed official focus on environmental protection. This has increased openness, and local environmental departments are now required to make a report within an hour of an environmental accident. And they are busy – according to the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) there were 45 water pollution-related incidents in an 80 day period (to 1st February) , including six ‘major disasters’.

The environmental impact of industrial development includes serious economic and social consequences. Hopefully SEPA will prove to have the power to get to grips with local interest groups, and enforce the regulations across the board – and not just in well-funded and professionally managed foreign-invested companies.

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