The China Power List

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China is an increasingly important place, and the people who influence it (from the inside and outside) therefore have an increasingly important role, both domestically and internationally. With this in mind (and as these things are so opaque anyway) the launch of the China Power List by Kerry Brown at Chatham House (aka The Royal Institute of International Affairs) is interesting to note. According to Kerry, the list focuses on:

    “the 50 movers and shakers of todays China…This list includes political, cultural, academic, social and business figures. The weblink is interactive, and comments can be posted. A final list will be issued, based on these comments, and other information, in the summer.

    This exercise is an attempt to understand where power and influence lie in China, tracking who is a rising star, and whose stock is falling, and educating us about figures that have influence both in China, and, of course, in the world beyond.”

The China Power List follows on from rich lists (here and here), company lists , philanthropy lists, and others (to which I would add China Vitae, which has great background information on senior government officials and other leading lights). The Power List takes a very different (and more subjective) perspective, includes some biographical information on each person, and is interactive. It will be interesting to see how it develops.

As it stands, the top ten are:

    • Hu Jintao, politician, 66.
    • Wen Jiabao, politician, 66. Premier.
    • Li Ka-shing, Businessman, 78.
    • George W Bush, Politician, 60.
    • Chen Shui-bian, politician, 57.
    • Zeng Qinghong, politician, 67.
    • Wu Bangguo, politician, 65.
    • Wu Yi, politician, 68.
    • Bill Gates, businessman and philanthropist, 51.
    • Larry Yung Chi Kin, businessman, 65.

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