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The (Chinese) Holidays Are Coming, Again Already

China’s public holiday schedule always used to be a bit of a mystery, until the last minute. Now things are more simple and transparent, and we already know the schedule (subject to local variations?) for holidays in 2010 (thanks to CNReviews [1]).

Here is the list [1].

February 13-19: Chinese New Year (+ working weekend 20-21) *Falls on the 14th
April 3-5: Qing Ming
May 1-3: Labor Day
June 14-16: Dragon Boat Festival (working weekend 12-13)
September 22-24: Mid Autumn Festival (Working weekend 19+25)
October 1-7: National Day (working weekend 29/9 + 9/10)

Chinese New Year is (already) not far off…A busy couple of weeks ahead!

We, of course, will be working throughout (from London). Project turnaround will however be delayed during the holidays, as our resources take a well-earned rest. So please get to us early with any urgent requests.