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A collection of the latest economic news from our ChinaBlogTweets micro blog. In another world, there would be time to expand…

• 8.2% GDP in 09? – China Post: RT @sinostream: China will top government target of 8% growth: BNP 6:47 AM Jul 8th from TweetDeck

• Exports -21.4%, Imports -13.2% y-on-y MW: China June exports, imports drop at slower pace 1:27 PM Jul 10th from TweetDeck

• Less bad. H1 exports -21.7% – WSJ: Chinese Data Add to Hope Economy Is Improving I4:55 PM Jul 6th from TweetDeck

• RT @chrisrbrown: Reading: Earnings Rise in China: Stimulus Efforts Clearly Working 1:32 PM Jul 10th from TweetDeck

• Lending “poses risks”: RT @ftchina: China loan growth 5:47 PM Jul 8th from TweetDeck

• RT @CDT: China Sees Protest Surge By Workers: From Wall Street Journal… 8:10 AM Jul 10th from TweetDeck

• 2008 urbanization rate 45.7% RT @China_Daily: China mulls urbanization of 140m migrant workers 8:27 AM Jul 9th from TweetDeck

• “Decrease in precautionary saving” – Caijing: China Sees Rising Consumer Confidence – MasterCard 6:21 PM Jul 8th from TweetDeck

• More measures to come RT @China_Daily: Premier urges adhering to proactive fiscal policy 10:36 AM Jul 11th from TweetDeck

• Western Belt: Xian, Chengdu, Chongqing RT @China_Daily: New economic belt to boost W China 11:41 AM Jul 10th from TweetDeck

• China wants diversification & stability – Reuters: China demands currency reform, Britain sceptical 6:40 PM Jul 9th from TweetDeck

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