The Fishy Chinese (IPR) Takeaway

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Thames Town is one of several “model” towns around Shanghai that have been built to reflect varying approaches to urban design around the world (there are also German, Spanish, Italian and other examples). Nice idea (not).

The shock of walking down the street in a British seaside town (while in China) may be enough, but to find that you fish and chip shop or pub has been cloned…?! Stranger than fiction, perhaps, but The Rock Point Inn and the Cobb Gate Fish Bar in Lyme Regis can now be found (with the omission of just one letter and one window) in Thames Town, Shanghai – much to the surprise of the owners.

The Telegraph, in the words of consultant architect on the project, Paul Rice (of British firm Atkins in Shanghai) explains:

    “This is not really a question of copying or mimicking…What we are trying to do is set an architectural idiom in a modern context”.

Er, OK then.

Having checked with lawyers, Gail Caddy (owner of the Rock Point Inn) was told she would find it hard to sue anyone (especially as she does not have the original building plans. And, I suspect she has not registered a trade mark in China – why would she have thought to?!). Now she has reportedly decided that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, and has suggested that the two towns be twinned. A very good solution to a very Chinese problem!

Let’s hope other people, in higher-up places, see it the same way – as the local government of Minhang (up the road) has apparently made their head quarters a copy of the White House…

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