Report: “The Future of China’s Economy – The Path to 2020”

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We are pleased to present details of a major new China study by Global Futures and Foresight (GFF) and Fast Future – and a special offer to readers of China Business Blog, who can obtain the report at a 75% Pre-Launch Discount.

The Future of China’s Economy – The Path to 2020
A Survey and Report by Global Futures and Foresight (GFF) and Fast Future

75% Pre-Launch Discount Offer for China Business Services / China Business Blog: Rohit Talwar – the report’s author has generously offered our Network a pre-launch discount of over 75% on the price for his forthcoming report on the Future of China’s Economy. The report will be priced at $395 at its launch on March 22nd. Our Network can order a copy at the discounted price of just $95+postage and packing. To receive your 75% pre-launch discount – please order before March 22nd, and quote the code below:

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For further information on the study or to organise an in-house briefing please contact Rohit Talwar Tel +44 (0)7973 405145

Report Launch Event
The report launch is being hosted by TiE and the Asia Pacific Technology Network and will take place in London on March 22nd. Registration is at 6:00pm for a 6:30pm start. Networking 8.30pm Close 9:30pm
– Entrance – TiE Members £20 / Non-Members – £40
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The Report
As we know, China has experienced an unparalleled transformation in just 30 years since opening up the economy. Now the world’s fourth largest economy, over 400 million have been taken out of poverty and it has become the world’s leading consumer of commodities such as steel and aluminium. China is on course to quadruple the size of its economy from $1trillion in 2000 to $4 trillion by 2012. Forecasts suggest it could overtake the USA, Japan and Germany to become the world’s largest economy as early as 2035. The middle class is expected to exceed 500 million within ten years.

Against this backdrop of breathtaking statistics, how is the rest of the world reacting, how are businesses viewing the China market and what are their expectations of China’s global impact in the period to 2020?

To help address these questions, Rohit Talwar has undertaken a major global business survey on the future of China’s Economy in which over 700 respondents from 60 countries across five continents provided detailed responses. This is the first global study of its kind on such a scale – providing rich quantitative and qualitative insights into how attitudes and ambitions for the China market are evolving across continents.

The Findings
The report provides a truly global perspective on how businesses around the world see China developing and the impact it will have on their organisations. It highlights how different regions around the world vary in their outlooks, strategies and tactics for the China market. The study explores the impact people expect to see China having on everything from currency markets and investment flows through to product standards and promotion prospects for managers in multinational corporations.

The report highlights how concerns and expectations differ between those operating in China and those looking in from outside. It takes a long term-perspective the proportion of firms’ staff, revenues and profits that will be accounted for by the China market and explores the potential for others to follow the lead of IBM’s procurement business in relocating their headquarters to China. The report also provides clear comparisons on how attitudes and expectations differ across business sectors and professions. Finally, the report highlights a number of critical questions for firms’ currently planning or evaluating their China strategies.

The Author
Rohit Talwar is a global futurist, entrepreneur, researcher and specialist advisor. He spends his time doing in-depth research, speaking and writing about global trends. Rohit has a particular interest in China, India and the emerging economies. Rohit is the founder and CEO of the strategic futures think tank Global Futures and Foresight. He has a degree in electronics and computer science and an MBA from London Business School. He has previously worked for GKN, British Telecom, Andersen Consulting and BMS Bossard. He has worked, consulted and spoken in over 20 countries on five continents.

Report Structure
The report presents the results of a global survey which asked a series of 32 quantitative and qualitative questions on three key topics:

1. The future of China’s economy, encompassing:
• China’s Future Growth Rates
• China’s Global Ranking
• Future Exchange Rates
• Drivers & Barriers to Growth
• Key Future Industrial Sectors

2. China’s impact on global business, encompassing:
• Listing on China’s Stock Markets
• China’s Stock Market Capitalization relative to the NYSE
• Chinese Businesses’ Global Ranking in the Fortune 500
• Impact of the Chinese Market on Global Business
• China as an Employer
• Impact of Chinese Multinationals on Global Business Practices

3. Respondents’ own organisations’ strategies for China:
• Scale of Future Operations in China (People, Revenues and Profits)
• Impact of the Chinese Market on the Corporate Power Base
• Perception of Market Attractors and

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