The Ports Behind The Trade

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China’s trade growth is well known, and it, unsurprisingly, has had a big impact on port development. According to People’s Daily:

    “The handling capacity of China’s ports is expected to hit 8 billion tons and 170 million TEUs (twenty-foot container equivalent units) in 2010, according to information from the on-going China Ports and Terminals Summit held in north China’s Tianjin Municipality.

    The cargo handling capacity of all China’s ports totaled 5.6 billion tons and 93 million TEUs last year, both the biggest in the world for four consecutive years, said Qian Yongchang, head of the China Communication and Transportation Association, at the summit on Tuesday.

    Last year, China had 12 ports with throughput capacities exceeding 100 million tons.”

Meanwhile People’s Daily also reports that over 160 port construction projects were started last year, with expenditure of RMB60 billion, up 30 percent on 2005.

These figures are a reminder of the complex supporting infrastructure and services that allow China’s trade growth to continue at such a rapid rate.

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  1. Jeremy Gordon Says:

    258 ports opening up in Chinese mainland
    + – 16:13, July 09, 2007

    Recently, 258 new ports have been given permission to open in the Chinese mainland. One hundred thirty-five are water transportation ports, 66 are land ports and 57 are airports. These all form a multilevel, multifunctional and all-round port framework.

    By People’s Daily Online

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