This Little Pig Went On Holiday for a Week

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Chinese New Year is upon us again, and with it one of the “golden weeks” of the Chinese calendar (which it seems will remain for the moment). Expect things to go quiet from the 17th. And to be a little bit painfully slow before and after. (But do not expect Dan Harris to take a “blog holiday”).

The coming year, in case anyone missed it, will be the Year of the Pig. Follow the link for more than anyone needs to know about Chinese pigs from Frog In A Well.

According to Interfax, the annual mass movement of people will likely include 156 million rail trips and 30 million international trips, while the shops (online and offline) are already seeing a seasonal surge in business. There is also likely to be a mini baby boom, as it is a lucky year in which to have children.

But do not expect to see lots of cute pigs promoting their bacon on television. Pig ads have been banned in order to avoid causing local Muslims any offence. Nestle has reportedly had to pull its special new year ad, and no doubt they are not the only ones…

Have a healthy and wealthy year!

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