Tianjin And The Tier 2 Cities

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We noted the rise of China’s tier 2 cities in a recent tweet:

– T2 cities are ticking more boxes. Taipei too. RT @eChinacities: Most Livable Cities: Tianjin is 72nd; 1st in Mainland http://is.gd/15Z1Y 7:43 AM Jun 19th from TweetDeck

The “big 3 cities”, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, have lots of smaller competitors – some of which have made real progress in the past few years, as we have reported several times before:

The (Business) Journey To The West
Chinese Cities: On Top of The (Business) World
New Cities On The Block .

There are many different ways to measure the cities, so the rankings vary. The message though is clear: that China’s second tier and inland cities, are no longer just ones to watch, but ones to live and work in.

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