Trade Spats Update: Shoes (Fighting); Autos (Negotiating); TVs (Watching)

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As recently reported, China is facing trade spats with the US and the EU over car parts (both, see here) and shoes (EU, see here).

In reaction to the imposition by the EU of tariffs on Chinese shoes (an action apparently voted for by only 3 countries – 10 others voted against it, while 11 abstained!), 150 Chinese companies have set up an alliance to fight their corner, claiming that “the proposed anti-dumping sanction lacks fairness and legitimacy”.

A different approach is being taken in relation to the auto dispute (where the proverbial shoe may be on the other foot), and China has agreed to talks on the issue. The parties now have 60 days to reach agreement, or the case could go to a WTO panel.

Next on the watch list (if you’ll forgive the pun): Televisions.

See news sources:

    China agrees to car part talks with US, EU
    Reuters – USA
    BEIJING (Reuters) – China has responded to a request by the United States and Europe to take part in WTO consultations over auto part tariff rules, the …

    China’s shoemakers join hands against EU’s anti-dumping duties
    2006-04-01 00:25:37 Xinhua English

    EU mulls imposing 44.6 pct anti-dumping tariffs on China-made TV …
    Forbes – USA
    BEIJING (AFX) – The European Union (EU) is considering imposing 44.6 pct anti-dumping tariffs on all China-made TV sets, but a final decision has not yet been …

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