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US Policy on ‘Dual Use’ Exports to be Explained

I have previously commented on the risks of new trade restrictions in relation to China – including new regulations on the sale of US technology (see more here [1]). The situation has not been very clear (to say the least) so it is interesting to see the latest news from China Law Blog [2], which has posted a notice [3]about a free webinar [4]that will be put on by the The United States Department of Commerce and the China Business Information Center to:

It sounds like an interesting discussion, and I will try to tune in. It will be especially interesting to see how commonly available technologies might be affected, and how the rules might have a negative impact of the US trade deficit with China. As I reported in my earlier post [5]“the new proposed rule signals a breathtaking rollback of export licensing policy to Cold War levels” and:

Hopefully an open debate will help to clear up (for better or for worse) the practical impact of these rules for US businesses. After all, we can but hope!