Valuable Brands. But Could Do Better.

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Danwei has reported on Interbrand research about the “Best Chinese Brands by brand value”, – consumer-facing ones that have created the most value for their owners (and not just the most well-known ones). Danwei notes:

    In a country in which brand loyalty, brand recognition, and consistency in the application of the brand are concepts that only now begin to provoke some interest among local CEOs and marketing managers, the ranking may come useful in pinpointing brands that can set important examples to be followed by other Chinese companies.

    Here’s the ranking:

    1. China Mobile
    2. Bank of China
    3. China Construction Bank
    4. China Telecom
    5. China Life Insurance Company
    6. Ping An of China
    7. China Merchants Bank
    8. Guizhou Maotai
    9. Bank of Communications
    10. Lenovo
    11. Netease
    12. Gome
    13. ZTE
    14. Wuliangye Group
    15. Air China
    16. Changyu
    17. Vanke
    18. Gree
    19. China Netcom
    20. China Overseas Property

China Law Blog (CLB) also reported on this list (as reported in Business Week), which is part of a global survey, and notes that, of the top 100 global brands…none are Chinese. As CLB points out, the fact that so many Chinese companies lack international exposure is keeping them off this type of list. Other well-known ones are omitted because they “remain largely or wholly state owned or suffer from anemic profits”. These were:

    1. Haier
    2. Tsingtao
    3. Tongrentang
    3. CCTV
    4. Mengniu Dairy

This will change, and those mentioned above, as well as some of the brands listed in this post – “Branded in China, Sold Everywhere” – will most likely be responsible.

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