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Many people are reportedly being tripped up by changes to the visa issuing system in China. Over the past few weeks it has become clear that the regulations (including for foreigners living and working in China) are being more strictly enforced.

Now further restrictions are being announced, according to Radio Australia:

    “Just weeks after it stopped issuing multiple-entry visas, China is imposing further curbs on visitors, sparking concern among the business community in Hong Kong.

    Visa applications would not be accepted without a copy of travel tickets and a hotel voucher.

    Visitors from 33 countries including India, the Philippines and Indonesia can no longer apply for China visas in Hong Kong but through their local Chinese embassies.

    Tourist and business visas are also now coming back later and Hong Kong officials say this will have serious consequences for potential investment.

    No longer can business travellers into Hong Kong hop over the border easily and see their factory or potential investment on the mainland.

    The Hong Kong government has expressed the concerns of its business community to Beijing.”

These actions may be in response to increased security around the Olympic games, and it is hoped that they will be short-term measures. But if you need a visa, it is recommended to apply early and be prepared!

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