Visualizing Cars In (or The Coming Crash of) China

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Re-hashing the title of Gordon Chang’s infamous book, “The Coming Collapse of China”, we bring you some fabulous “infographics” on China’s car market from…Chinfographics. &

We have been following their auto series on Twitter, and wanted to share it, as it is a great way to visualize just how far China has travelled, and how fast it has moved. Of course, like the local traffic, China’s growth has been occasionally risky, but never dull.

1. Driving Licenses

• 1978: 1.93 million
• 2009: 138.87 million drivers

Driving Licenses in China - by China Infographics

2. Personal Car Ownership (Visualize it here)

• 2002: 3.43 million
• 2009: 26.05 million

3. But what about the next ten years? (Visualize it here)

“ makes a projection on how many autos China will have, based on the assumption that the country’s auto number per 1000 people will reach 100 in 2015 and 150 in 2020.”

We hear so much about China, but we do not usually see it, or the massive numbers, in context – so this infographics initiative is very welcome (and insightful…)

By the way, we do not think that China will crash (and, Gordon, it has not yet collapsed), but the occasional accident is, perhaps, inevitable…

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