Wahaha Saga Update

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The Wahaha saga has been dragging on through the courts, and in the press. Much has been written about it. The headlines give a flavour of the coverage for the unfortunate (read ill-prepared) Danone which has offered some sort of truce in the face of the latest lw suit – this time from the Wahaha union. As China Hearsay puts it: “Danone comes across as a victim, yes, but one that made some very serious mistakes”. Read more via these links:

    Danone Wahaha: An Update
    27 Nov 2007
    “China Litigation: You Want Government With That?” “Danone and China’s Wahaha: A Lecture on How (Not) to Make Allies Enemies” “New York Times And Steve Dickinson On The Danone Wahaha China Dispute And On Avoiding Your Own” “China’s …
    China Law Blog

    Danone-Wahaha: No Sympathy
    11 Dec 2007 by Stan
    Certainly Wahaha appears to have engaged in blatant competition against its partner, so they are not looking so good in all of this. Danone comes across as a victim, yes, but one that made some very serious mistakes. …
    China Hearsay

    Danone Throws in The Towel… I mean, Gives Wahaha One Last Chance
    14 Dec 2007 by Rich
    Wahaha Won Round #1 of Hangzhou Arbitration and on Stan Abrams China Hearsay post Danone-Wahaha: No Sympathy, I asked the question what the impact of the Hangzhou ruling would be on the rest of the lawsuits… and it appears we have our …
    All Roads Lead To China

This sorry tale is a lesson for foreign investors (or any investors) that agreements (on such important issues as ownership of trademarks for… a brand) need to be taken beyond the friendly signing ceremony (and through all the required registration procedures) if they are to be legally protected.

Trust is nice, but it is not always enough.

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