Webinar: How to Avoid Business Risk in China

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An EU SME Centre Webinar, 28 October, 2014: How to Avoid Business Risk in China: A Guide to Due Diligence for EU SMEs.

Doing business in China involves a series of challenges and risks that international companies need to address carefully in order to achieve success in the market. Some may face bribery, business fraud, anti-trust investigations or procurement bans from government and state-owned enterprises. Thus re-evaluating your China risk exposure, and adjusting your business strategies in order to continue to benefit from the opportunities offered by the China market is crucial. A new book written by Jeremy Gordon, Risky Business in China, demonstrates how a strategic approach to risk management and due diligence can not only reduce business risk in China, but also provide excellent business intelligence to support negotiations and business relationships.

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About the Speaker

Jeremy Gordon, Author of “Risky Business in China, a Guide to Due Diligence”.

Jeremy Gordon has worked with government departments, financial institutions and major corporates on strategy, risk and business development in China over the past 20 years. First in Hong Kong as an officer with Britain’s Brigade of Gurkhas, he gained China trade and investment experience with a diversified Hong Kong-based group, and went on to establish the consulting company China Business Services in 2002. His book, “Risky Business in China”, was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2014.

“At the heart of this book lies the contradiction between the reality that investing and operating in China is a risky business but that China is simply too big to ignore. Any business person would do well to read this excellent brief on the perils of dealing with China’s vast and endlessly fascinating business landscape.”
Tim Clissold, author, Mr. China.

Jeremy Gordon has also been the Honorary Secretary and a Committee Member of the 48 Group Club, and a UK Trade and Investment Business Specialist for mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. He is a Director of China Edge, a consultancy focused on Chinese consumers, and a Trustee of Mothers’ Bridge of Love, a charity that supports disadvantaged Chinese children.

Jeremy Gordon at China Edge

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