Will 8 (Percent) Be Lucky for the Economy?

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There has been a lot of economic news recently, and many are waiting for baited breath for the year-end results. Below are some of the latest issues and indicators.

While GDP growth is on target for the (lucky??) 8%, and while there has been some positive movement on exports and retail sales, there are also real concerns over the state of the massive amount of (state-directed) bank lending, and over inflationary pressures.

• RT @BullishChina: China’s 8% economic growth goal achievable: economist – Xinhua http://ow.ly/1675lO 2:32 PM Dec 6th from Echofon

• Imports over exports. RT @China_Daily: China’s imports, exports grow 9.8% in Nov http://tinyurl.com/ycp8yh2 7:25 AM Dec 11th from Echofon

• RT @China_Daily: China’s retail sales up 15.8% in November http://tinyurl.com/y86bxau 1:21 PM Dec 11th from HootSuite

• Risky relationships, & loans RT @fonstuinstra: China’s Ponzi scheme – Victor Shih – http://ping.fm/pxNEh 4:33 PM Dec 10th from Echofon

• Pricing impact RT @BullishChina: Inflation Returns to China – Wall Street Journal http://ow.ly/16888j 1:34 PM Dec 10th from Echofon

Expect a lot of policy shuffling (alongside lending and spending) in 2010.

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